Toronto Gross Event


1st Place $4000

2nd Place $2000

3rd & 4th Place $500 each
Players Names
Team 1 Gavin Maciver
Grace St Germain
Team 2 Adam Maceachern
Tyler Smokler
Team 3 James Seymour
Joe D'Alfonso
Team 4 Matthew Mannion
Logan Warren
Team 5 Tim Ament
Brad Henderson
Team 6 Jake Adams
David French
Team 7 Andrew Reid
Reid Kerfoot
Team 8 Dave Jackson
Scott Belair
Team 9 Eli Strub
Tyler Cameron
Team 10 Andrew McCarthy
Michael Resciniti
Team 11 Addison Nixon
Cooper Elliot
Team 12 Billy Simkin
Caleb Ellis
Team 13 Jesse Piercy
Jay Dunlop
Team 14 Adam Beange
James Skyprec
Team 15 Jordan Mahussier
Marc Seiler
Team 16 Brandon Rowe
Colin Grimes
Team 17 Cameron Hadley
Ben Reid
Team 18 Ian Doig
Ed Maunder
Team 19 Terry O'Brien
Ryan Curran
Team 20 Branson Ferrier
Ben Groom
Team 21 Patrick O’Neill
Jim Zwolak
Team 22 Ryan Dryden
Jamie Coulter
Team 23 Matt Reeves
Nick Papousek
Team 24 Steve Rodriguez
Cam Hreljac
Team 25 Brock Rogerson
Team 26 Justin Kudrasovs
Brian Williams
Team 27 Mark MacDonald
Alex Matsias
Team 28 Cameron Griffin
Roy Jones
Team 29 Chris Bevan
Bradlee Ryall
Team 30 Mark Struger
Ben Scapilatti
Team 31 Denver Dafoe
Russell MacKay
Team 32 Brian Hadley
Steve Brown
Team 33 Barrett McCarthy
Team 34 Brett Cairns
Team 35 Michael Dinglasan

Gross Division
Division - No Handicaps.

1st Place $4000

2nd Place $2000

3rd & 4th Place $500 each

Tournament Schedule

 Draw May 9th, 2022 

Matches to be completed by:

1st Round - June 28th

2nd Round - July 15th

3rd Round - August 10th

4th Round - September 1st

5th Round - September 15th


Finals - September 26th Friday Harbour






1.) This BlackWolf Bracket is a Team Gross Best Ball Match Play Tournament. $250 per team + Hst. NO Handicaps are involved.

2.) Plus handicap players play as a Zero.

3.) There is no B side.

4.) Teams are encouraged to mutually decide where to play their matches. If the two teams cannot decide where to play, the top team picks 3 courses and the bottom team picks one of the 3 courses to play. 

5.) The two teams are encouraged to agree on what tee box to play. If they can’t come to an agreement the closest tee box to 6500 yards must be played.

6.) The players are responsible for the cost of their green fees.

7.) If the two teams cannot play their match within the time period, the result will be decided by the rules committee based on who made the most effort to schedule the match. A coin toss will be used if both teams equally attempted to schedule the match.

8.) One substitute player is allowed per team. If the original player cannot return after one match, the substitute becomes the permanent player for the matches moving forward. The substitute player must be someone who is not currently (alive) in the event. Original Player can return after an extended period of time off, if the reason is for family emergency, illness or injury.

9.) Every rule or decision will be made by our Rules Committee. Please contact Jeff Wittup / Rick Langille or Craig Vogel and collectively a decision will be made.

10.) If match is tied after 18 holes, sudden death playoff will occur if the golf course is available, (shots will fall on the applicable holes) If the golf course is not available for a sudden death playoff, the two teams can either replay the match, or play a one hole playoff at a later date.

11.) Winning team of match is responsible for reporting the match result and where it was played to