Calgary Gross Event


B Side Draw

Final 2 teams on the Net side and final 2 teams on the Gross side, qualify for the trip to play a 36 hole final for the title.




Players Name
1 John Wilson
Dylan Wilson
2 Joel Dancey
Ken Warrington
3 David Murray
Ryan Smith
4 Shaun Luopa
Albert Pistorius
5 Josh Fleming
Tyler LeBouthillier
6 Brett Albers
Tyson Black
7 Kevin Wisener
Jacob Stewart
8 Thane Benna
Brady Karlson
9 Taylor Irvin
Kenny Gregor
10 Cory Saddleback
Skyesong Alexis
11 Jason Stanier
Gerry MacDonald
12 Chris Schatzmann
Alex Large
13 Rob Johnson
Calvin Onyszchuk
14 Kaja Heister
Joe Perry
15 Samuel Dielwart
16 Craig Gibson
Corey Kristianson
17 Luke Scrymgeour
Petere Allen
18 Mitchell Fox
Jesse Galvon
19 Jordan Melanson
Ronnie Postnikoff
20 Andrew Mackenzie
Ciaran Godfrey
21 Kyle Wade
Rob Colberg
22 JD Scheller
Dan Heyde
23 Trent Colberg
Dustin Yeager
24 Nolan Kemper
Chris Kemper
25 Kathryn Rutherford
Rory Groom
26 Riley Boothby
JJ Vanderstam
27 Kyle Mossfeldt
Austin Cruickshank
28 Matt Seifert
Graham Furse
29 David Hilsenteger
Garrett Scott
30 Chris Lessoway
Scott Secord
31 Dan Lambert
Justin Lambert
32 Kaja Heister
Joe Perry
33 Dale Goehring
Darrell Joy
34 Vince Andrusiak
Quinn Conroy
35 Zenon Henry
Mark Wiebe
36 Sam Hart
Greg Breen
37 Malcolm Hay
Connor Czirjak
38 John Walsh
Joe Sullivan
39 Carson Taylor
40 Morgan Bell
David Durbeniuk
41 Davis Yates
Tim Webb
42 Tyler Lautner
Doug Repp
43 Kevin Graf
Darcy Boudreau
44 Randy Robb
Colton Robb
45 Scott Meechan
Jason Rideout
46 Joel Griffith
George Wood
47 Matt Bean
Leighton Bearchell
48 Josh Berze
Connor Blake
49 Connor Epping
Tristan Grieve
50 Brendan Farris
Rob Birrell
51 Craig Vogel
Todd Kuczma
52 Matthew Cook
Eric Locke
53 Dave Dickie
Rob Padget





Draw April 28th

Matches to be completed by:

1st Round - June 1st

2nd Round - July 15st

3rd Round - August 9th

4th Round - September 1st

5th Round - Sept. 20th

Final Match  Sept 28th & 29th

"B" Side

1st Round - July 20th

2nd Round - August 8th

3rd Round - August 28th

4th Round - Sept. 20th

Finals - TBA

 Official Rules



1.) This BlackWolf Bracket is a Team Gross Best Ball Match Play Tournament. No Handicaps. $250 per team + Gst.

2.) Teams are encouraged to mutually decide where to play their matches. If the two teams cannot decide where to play, the top team picks 3 courses and the bottom team picks one of the 3 courses to play.

3.) Tee box used will be the back tees unless the teams mutually decide to play a different tee box. Female players play a box up or the closest box to 6100+ yards.

4.) The players are responsible for the cost of their green fees.

5.) If the two teams cannot play their match within the time period, the result will be decided by the rules committee based on who made the most effort to schedule the match. A coin toss will be used if both teams equally attempted to schedule the match.

6.) One substitute player is allowed per team. If the original player cannot return after one match, the substitute becomes the permanent player for the matches moving forward. The substitute player must be someone who is not currently (alive) in the event. Original Player can return after an extended period of time off, if the reason is for family emergency, illness or injury.

7.) Every rule or decision will be made by our Rules Committee. Please contact Mike Knight / Rick Langille or Craig Vogel and collectively a decision will be made.

8.) If match is tied after 18 holes, sudden death playoff will occur if the golf course is available, (shots will fall on the applicable holes) If the golf course is not available for a sudden death playoff, the two teams can either replay the match, or play a one hole playoff at a later date.

9.) Winning team of match is responsible for reporting the match result and where it was played to